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Welcome to J & J Outdoor Photography my name is Gary Jones aka “Jonesee” my wife Jeanette and I live in a little country town in southeast Georgia. Jeanette is the love of my life and has put up with me running all over the country around various states in the USA to Africa, Europe and Canada , fortunately she has been able to travel with me to some of the places my working career has carried me.
I carry my camera with me when out and about and snapping shots whenever I am not working. I have been blessed to see some of the sights that I have with my work carrying me to some interesting countries and states. There are some beautiful places on this earth, but Alaska has been my favorite place to shoot, it is a photographer’s haven there is so much beautiful landscapes to shoot and my favorite being the northern lights they are something awesome to see words or a camera cannot give them the credit they deserve to be seen with the eye, especially when they get to dancing across the night sky.
As you will notice when looking thru the photo galleries that I have a lot of landscape pictures that is what I love to shoot, but I will shoot whatever may pop up I do not go hiking or camping without my camera around my neck and you will always find a camera in my truck, you never know when that once in a lifetime photo will be right around the corner.
There’s people that has not had the opportunity to see and take photos of some of the things I have. Had it not been for the places my job has carried me I would not have seen these places either. I enjoy sharing as much as taking the photos, hope that you enjoy them also.
Best Regards,
J & J Outdoor Photography